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the story

One in two Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. Advancements in cancer detection and treatment have led to improved survival, with approximately two thirds of those diagnosed with cancer now living as long-term survivors. Living after a cancer diagnosis can mean living with permanent changes to physical, psychological, and social health for patients and their families. To maximize health and wellbeing in those impacted by a cancer diagnosis, advances in cancer survivorship research and care are needed.

the mission

The Cuthbert Lab investigates the health outcomes and physical and psychological health impacts of a cancer diagnosis on patients and their families. We examine the specific physical and psychological outcomes and needs of cancer patients based on cancer type, and determine what kinds of supportive care can best address those needs. In addition, we evaluate how cancer care should be structured and delivered given our current health care environment. 

the goal

Our research will not only broaden the current knowledge about cancer survivorship but will also lead to better and more comprehensive cancer care for Canadians.


Ultimately, this work will help realize the vision of living well after a cancer diagnosis. 


Colleen Cuthbert

Dr. Colleen Cuthbert

Principal Investigator


Christie Farrer Rogers

Program Manager


Madison Leia

Research Associate

RD Headshot NEW_edited.jpg

Randip Dhaliwal

Senior Research Assistant


Hannah Harsanyi

Masters Student


Jenise Finlay

Senior Research Assistant

Amanda Pereira_Headshot_edited.jpg

Amanda Pereira



Kaitlin See

Research Assistant

AP headshot_edited.jpg

Andrea Palanca

Summer Student

WEIQI's headshot_edited.jpg

Weiqi Li

Summer Student


Patient Partners

Patient Partners

We work closely with our dedicated Patient and Family Advisory Council.



We are currently accepting students and trainees. Please contact us for more information.

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