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Life after a cancer diagnosis can mean living with permanent changes to physical, psychological, and social health for patients and their families.


Progress in cancer survivorship research and care is needed to maximize health and wellbeing in those impacted by cancer. 

That's where we come in.

The Cuthbert Lab investigates health outcomes and the impacts of a cancer diagnosis on patients and their families. 

Dr. Colleen Cuthbert
Principal Investigator, Cuthbert Lab

Dr. Colleen Cuthbert, PhD, RN, NP is the Canada Research Chair in Patient and Family Centered Cancer Survivorship.

Dr. Cuthbert's research brings together team members with different expertise, such as medicine, nursing, statistics, kinesiology, epidemiology, and patient partners, to examine cancer survivorship from a broad lens.


This multidisciplinary approach is a novel and innovative way to advance cancer survivorship research and care.

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